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About us

Who We Are

We at, Universal Packages thank you for your interest in our Corrugation products and services. We are pioneers in the field of Corrugation industry with more than a decade of experience in serving the packing requirements of our esteemed customers. We have a steady growth in our turnover and the same is reflected in our financial statement with more than Rs.5.5 crores in sales value for the last financial year.

We are glad to inform you that our Organization has received certification for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 systems. We have a dedicated team of professionals to address to specific packing needs so as to ensure safe delivery of your products. Our carton designs had made it possible for our customers to pack their critical products in a cost effective methodology.

We are a source for big corporations like Exide Limited, Texmo Industries Limited, Leo Metals Pvt Ltd, Water Tec Ltd, Southern Battery, Harita Seating Systems Ltd, etc., and our relationship has been ever growing right from the day one of our business with them. We would also like to extend the same relationship to organization like yours.

Process Capability

Our strength as corrugators is evident with our manufacturing capabilities for all the above products under one roof. Despite the vast range of products we are known for our cost effective manufacturing of quality products. All our products are environmental friendly and is as elucidated below.

Quality Control and Beyond

Customers should expect only the highest quality from their suppliers and our ISO 9001:2008 Certification gives you that Guarantee.

We have an established Quality Management System for Quality Assurance, with our own defined goal for Total Quality.

• Here at UNIVERSAL PACKAGES the system is fully operational and is backed up with detailed documentation of Quality Assurance procedures.

• We are achieving the intended level of Quality on a day-to-day basis.

Our Quality Assurance department also makes sure the entire plant is always in full compliance with standard procedures administering routine in-plant Training and Internal Audits. This guarantees that time after time, each and every box you receive from us is made with our superior level of craftsmanship.

Armed with a complete set of Quality Measurement Equipment we cater to all the packaging needs of our esteemed Customers and is evident from the Vendor ratings of our Customers. We understand fully the need for safe delivery of your products to the end user. A list of equipments for testing corrugated fiber boards and boxes is enclosed in our guidelines booklet.


It’s standard procedure at our plant to collect and recycle all paper scraps that has been left over from production. A single fiber from a corrugated box can be recycled up to six times before it is too short for continued use.

JIT Supplies

We cater to the delivery requirements of all our customers on “Just In Time System” from our plant at Hosur. This has enabled us to maintain our status as a supplier for cartons to our esteemed customers.